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tv   Viewpoint  Current  February 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> michael: thanks for watching. john fugelsang and "viewpoint" are next and right now. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: it's sequestration week
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and even the guy who made amore calls it, too depressing. hardcore gun owners, people taking away their guns and second amendment rights standing up to protest against things that aren't remotely being taken away from them. and michelle obama on the oscars. today is the 70s birthday of george hair on it. we'll have f-bomb about george, the van vatican and today the top catholic in britain, a pie joss scott pretty much excommunicated
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himself for hitting on someone whose name was not mary. this is "viewpoint." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: good evening, i'm john fugelsang. thank you so much for joining us. it's the biggest game of chicken since the hast time congress and the president dueled eye-to-eye over mountain. and in just four days the federal government could pull some $85 billion in spending out of 2013 budget forcing lay-offs and programs cuts and perhaps pushing the country back into recession. the president and his cabinet want you to know that no one will be spared when budget sequestration comes knocking. today mr. obama told the nation's governors at the white house gathering what he has been telling the rest of us for week. >> thousand was teachers and educators will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents
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will have to deal with finding child care for their children. hundreds of thousands of americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care like flu vaccination and cancer screenings. >> john: but wait, there's more. janet napolitan the cuts will basket mission readiness throughout her department including customs agents on the border. >> our busyiest airports like newark and jfk and lax and o'hare peak wait times which can reach over two hours could easily grow to four hours or more. >> john: however house majority leader eric cantor isn't buying into the white house warnings of doom. >> this is a false choice. >> john: cantor and house speaker john boehner want the president to work with them on legislation replacing the sequester which they all designed and passed as a trigger
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which i say trigger please. even though they refuse as a matter of principles to agree to any changes in the tax code that would bring more revenue into washington, d.c. which would be a prerequisite for any deal with the president and senate democrats, so no deal. meanwhile, our nation's governors, including republicans bobby jindal of louisiana and utah's gary herbert aren't pleased there hasn't been any progress in averting sequester. >> the reality is this has going from crisis to crisis. >> if i don't get as a results in my state i'm criticized. we're not getting results in washington, d.c. because of lack of leadership and there is blame to go around for everybody. >> john: yeah but there is one group who seems to be happy with washington's gridlock, tea party republican tim huelskamp of
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kansas who told "washington post," i quote this will be the first significant tea party victory in that we got what we set out to do in cranking washington. no, this is the third tea party victory. for more on the stalemate on capitol hill, i'm thrilled to be joined by congressman peter welch, democrat of vermont thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> john: i can only imagine what the mod is in washington, d.c. is there any hints that a deal could be done to postpone them until a deal could be made? >> there really aren't. we were gone last week when we should have been here working on it. essentially you have two things going on. one, a stupid policy in stubborn approach is the substitute for an economic agenda. secondly, there is a few among the tea party folks that you just mentioned that any cut at
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any price is good for the country. and it makes no sense. the two challenges the country have one get our economic recovery moving along at a faster clip, bring down unemployment. the second is to get our long-term debt stabilized and reduced. but you do not do that with these across-the-board mindless cuts that are going to have a lot of harm and a lot of pain for a lot of people, but it's going to do damage to the economy. this makes no sense whatsoever. >> john: it makes sense if you consider some of these republican legislatures just want to be re-elected and say i stood up to the president, he's suffering and now it's his fault. when they put their position above the county's economic well-being. >> well, that is the president obama. it's not an economic vaned agenda that makes any sense.
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there is no economist conservative or liberal who thinks going across the board mindless approach makes any sense whatsoever. all we're going to do is get cuts weaken the economy increase unemployment, and then these agencies that government will not have had an opportunity to even exercise managerial adjustment on how best to do it. this is the manufacturing crisis by congress, and once again we're letting down the american people. >> john: now we could agree this all began because the jon refused to raise the debt ceiling, however here is the big question, congressman, is the white house to blame along with the republican house for this crisis? did the president make a mistake when he tried to use cuts in the military budget to bring the house and republicans to the bargaining table? >> that is a tactical decision that the white house made. i think the blame game gets us
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nowhere. you are right, this all happened when we were on the brink of doing something that america has never done in all of history that is default on our debt. the president had to find a way out of that. this sequester was a hail mary pass. it moved us down. it got us out of the debt ceiling crisis, which far worse than this, but it left us to deal with the sequester situation which is also very bad. the bottom line you have to have a balanced approach. if we're going to make cuts there are places we can make cuts, and there are reforms we can make in healthcare. those have to be thoughtful like managers do in running a business. this across the board showmanship and brinksmanships damaging for the economy and people's confidence in their own government. >> john: as you mentioned we did have an election although it seems that the republicans are not aware of who won. which makes me ask considering considering that they're still not budging on anything, would we have been better off sir if we would
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have gone over the fiscal cliff last below? >> no, i don't think. i think the president got a reasonably good deal. we did not solve all of our problems, and there is not going to be a movement where we solve it all, it will be a long thing. but the fiscal cliff is where the white house did a good thing. we did get revenues and we avoid avoided draconian cuts that could have been damaging. the republican caucus is determined to get cuts at any price, that's a foolish approach. what you're going to see as this unfolds is the harm will become evident--the harm to the economy will become evident and there will be reaction. we've already seen the market getting spooked today with the largest drop in the dow over the last couple of months. >> john: they seem to think that the sequester is a tea party
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victory. does that mean that the tea party are arguably calling the shots in the house? >> well, they do in some ways. the republicans are split between what i call practical conservatives and tea party folks who essentially have as an agenda not cutting the budget but undermining constitutions in government. they think we ought to get rid of it. the republicans need those tea party votes to get something passed. so they basically have the power of no. >> john: congressman peter welch, congressman of vermont. thank you. >> thank you. >> john: i'm joined by president of the ceo of better markets and sam cedar host of ring of fire and majority report. good evening. >> good evening. >> john: what is going to happen friday i'll start with you dennis, every month a new disaster could be avoided. >> i think this month's disaster
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fight will play out on friday. it's hard to see a solution coming by friday. the problem this time is the president is playing it like the '84 government shutdown, only there aren't going to be shut downs. on saturday there are not going to be hundreds of workers fleeing their offices. over a period of time there will be cutbacks in a variety of areas. they will be bad. they'll hurt people. but i think part of the problem they're overplaying their hand and people will not quickly see and feel a big punch. they may be building themselves up for a fall if they're not careful. >> john: is that because he has less access than gingrich did? >> no, part of it is because the cuts are rolled in. you may not even see the implications of these cuts for a month, say airports. it's not where all the services will stop seeing. you'll see a slow degradation of our government services. that's a harder thing to make an
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example of. it may take a couple of months before there's enough pain that is obvious to people and i say the planes because frankly it's a question of whether or not the media pays attention. they're going to be far more conscious sitting on a tarmac for 30 minutes when they have to fly somewhere then kids in virginia who are not getting their school lunches because of cutback. >> john: it seems more likely we'll face this happening on friday we'll go off the the latest cliff rather than hitting the snooze alarm. >> it will be punted because the monthly budget cries in crisis in the end of march to fund the government. we spent all of january to worry about the fiscal cliff. now we which are worry about the is he fesssequestercliff. it's not like he has a dumb
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boogeyman like newt gringrich helping president clinton out of the hole. they're playing offense poorly. i know what we'll do. we'll run the playbook that played out a couple of decades ago, well it's not going to work. >> john: there was obama sequester tag hashtag is he right? who is going to win the political fight on this? have the republicans succeeded in branding this as obama's failure? >> my sense is no. the republicans are going to get the blame for this. the question is what is the "this"? are people going to be able to make the connection between a slow diminishment of services. you know, we won't recognize the fact that the nih is going to cut out grants for new scientists for years theoretically. it may not be something that
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we're ever going to be aware of unless it's something that directly impacts you. i think it will be difficult. but over time this will impact the economy. the president at the very least is doing a good job pointing to the republicans and saying it's their fault. the real question is does the american public really absorb what it is that they're blaming the republicans. >> john: and does the the american public even care? the fatigue is so huge, people are just so over it. that makes me wonder did obama over play his hand on this? did he think yet again lucy is not going to pull the football away? >> i don't know if he over played his hand or played iter poorly. you have the republicans playing games with the credit rating in january. now they're playing games with our economy, which is fragile and barely into a recovery and it's not much of a recovery for
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the unemployed and under employed. now we'll face a government shutdown next month. why hasn't the president gone on offense instead of defense. sam is right. many americans will not feel what is going to be happening for a long time. and those that do it will be largely localized. they're not going to be ready to vote no. the government--the president really should go on the offensive about what it is that the government is doing. cutting medicare and social security and medicaid sounds great but it's the greatest anti-poverty program in the history of the world. that's what they want to cut. >> john: it sounds great to some people in the tea party but i agree with you the democrats are seemingly the human punching bag on this again. i want someone to say one thing on this, ronald reagan, you don't have growth without public spending.
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>> the real mistake happened in the debt--raise the debt ceiling hostage taking in 2011. the next mistake was at the beginning of this year. the democrats had all the leverage. the tax rates were going to go up. sit back and do nothing let the leverage grow. this punt, essentially again the issue is--i think the president is doing a decent enough job now to get some political value out of this, but i don't know that the american public is really going to understand the implications of this for too many months down the road or maybe even years down the road. >> this president was just re-elected. the democrats picked up two seats nine seth in the senate. where is the agenda? let's get the president back to what he was elected to do and wants to do. instead we're playing defense on irresponsible, mindless politicians who are driving him into a defense game rather than offense game. >> considering that over 80% of
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the bush tax cuts became permanent after the fiscal cliff deal, we do need more revenue rather than being a punching bag for republicans. i'm frustrated. it seems more and more like a good cop-bad cop game. i hope you can make since of this because i'm not sick of talking about it. dennis kelleher and sam seder great to have you back on the program. one of the president's none policies, it's real and it's coming up next.
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>> john: welcome back to "viewpoint." it's time for our thing of the day. and it's the cool, cool ironry of the day. as you know sequester will cause cuts in spend. we happen to have this map from the last election. notice how it shows which states voted democratic and which states voted republican. here are the ten states are had a hardest hit by the sequester cuts. eight out of the ten are red states. now the point is not that red states tend to take more to the federal government than they give back. that's been established. my point is this, the republicans have been less willing to compromise and they are the ones making the sequester necessary. the republicans represent states that will clearly suffer the most. why don't you think about that
5:22 pm
when you hit the voting both in 2014. well i hope everyone had a great day of resistence. what's that? you forgot to celebrate? that's too bad. you messed one hell of a time. this saturday marked the tea-party backed day of resistence when hardcore gun lovers were directed to take to the streets to protest the completely fictional confiscation of their guns by the tyrannical government voted by the free and fair elections in a democratic country. and of course most participants came armed with more than signs. meanwhile, in the real world if you you can ever call washington, d.c. that, proponents of sensible gun control learned that the house judiciary committee will take up many of their bills including dianne feinstein's assault weapon's ban the controversial one. this marks the first real step in getting the senate to vote on legislation that a majority of americans say they want. joining us now to discuss the state of the gun control debate
5:23 pm
is the one and only, brilliant thomas frank columnist for harp per's magazine, who wrote an it was nating piece titled "bloodsport" in this month's issue. he is the author of "pity the billionaire: the hard-times swindle and the unlikely comeback of the right." thomas, thank you so much for coming on the show. >> how are you tonight. >> i'm dynamite. i had a great day of resistance. i resisted pretty much the whole thing so i guess i win. what do you make of the argument that we can't have sensible gun laws in this country because then the country has a tyrannical government that will try to enslave its citizens? >> well, if that's the case your ar-15 is not going to help you very much. you're going to have to have something bigger than that because you're going to be going up the u.s.-- >> john: drones? >> yes artillery pieces tanks i don't know.
5:24 pm
f 102s, something bigger than that. >> john: i will have a right to tanks and anthrax, go on please. >> so sensible regulations on assault weapons are really not going to change the odds one way or another in the coming showdown between your local militia and the u.s. army. >> john: you have a quote in the article that i believe you'll catch heat for. quote, i believe the ideology of libertarianism with its twin gods of market and mangum are not just bankrupting us, it's killing us. if that is the case how do we push back on that ideology? >> let's go back and think about it. it's a really interesting situation where we're just coming out of this financial crisis. i wrote the book about the financial crisis, the tea party movement and reaction. pity the billionaire where you have a financial disaster
5:25 pm
brought about by deregulation. what do they say? bring more deregulation. get completely out of the picture, and everything will be fun. that's the same with the guns. massacre after massacre after massacre what is the response? get more guns. make life into one giant arms race like dodge city in the wild west days. then finally, when everyone--the last person is armed to the teeth, then we'll be safe. >> john: true treatment and we can give somalia a run for their money. here is a thing he have i have to ask you about. you write that the american film industry is the second great pillar of the gun culture. can you explain this and what role you think hollywood plays in our culture of violence? >> it's an advertising agency. there is an amazing thing that i discovered in the course of writing this story. it's an internet firearms movie database.
5:26 pm
it goes through like all these recent movies of the last 20 years, frame by frame, telling you which particular weapon that appears in the movie what the make is, the model how it's used, who it kills, who uses it, so on like this. and this gun fetishization. this was the first clue--no, it isn't. i've been going to movies all my life. but you look at how they depict guns and as theftize estheticize the guns. there is a tommy gun and it's being fired and there is slow motion on the action of the gun the tinkling of the brass casing tinkling on the marble floor, and the slow motion of heads being blown apart this kind of thing. it's-it's-it's gun porn.
5:27 pm
>> john: while it's gun porn, it's make believe gun porn. other countries have the same violent movies and violent games but because of regulation they don't have the same problems that we have. >> you take something like "zero dark thirty" and you show it in japan, it's still an advertisement for torture. it's still bad art. yeah, the other thing is, yeah, that's absolutely right about the guns. we have the guns. this is the problem. they're showing these constant ads for the guns and you can run out and get one. >> john: by that same logic would someone see "zero dark thirty" and go out and water board a citizen? >> they can't do that in japan. it's against the constitution. >> john: i think we made our arguments. i do believe that wayne lapierre bears a responsibility for the massacre culture. can you elaborate on that.
5:28 pm
>> absolutely. the whole idea of the nra 20 years ago when they were making their big turn to the right--i'm sorry i'm old, it's more like 30 years ago, it's about stopping crime. all of these--the idea of the vigilante, the dirty harry type, none of these people who are out there shooting up these schools you know, none of these people are the classic nra villain types. they don't have a robbed. it's the opposite, people on delusional revenge fantasy precisely what you see in nra culture. >> john: thomas frankcal almostist for harper's magazine. thank you so much for your time and insight tonight. >> absolutely. >> john: what is america talking about? political families and our non-political oscars, more coming up.
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>> this week in our continuing series with we go no further than our own backyard. last week was mississippi but now we find the new york state of mind is sometimes off it's meds. take assembly man who showed up in black face. he have known him for a long time in new york wore in costume at a party held in honor of the jewish holiday porem. now the assemblyman does not think he did anything wrong. he said this is not a prejudice bone in my body. i don't know about your bones, but your body has opposed marriage equality for a long time. that's a bit prejudices, and
5:33 pm
your body poured prejudice over your face. this is a democrat from brooklyn. aren't you supposed to be the bastian of ideals, are they going to to be up staged by the albany mint ral? sorry, y'all you've been up staged by a new yorker democratic. do we want to the best racist, too. wtf, new york.
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(vo) later tonight current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real,
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gripping, current. >> john: welcome back to "viewpoint." well, today everyone is talking about oscars, but viewer ocular nervosa tweeted i didn't watch the oscars but i can't help but notice today's chatter has nothing to do with the movies. well, you make a good point but i have a very important question, when you posted that tweet who were you wearing? if you have a comment for the show tweet us as "viewpoint" ctv or john fugelsang or use the hashtag "viewpoint" or post it on our facebook. last night tense of millions tuneed in to watch the academy awards where the most popular people on earth have the annual popularity contest. the only controversy are what some are calling the
5:38 pm
inappropriate jokes of seth macfarlane. much of the controversy comes from a musical number from the mcfarlane and the l.a. gay men's core husband performed owe we saw your boobs." as matt philbin told the managing editor of the conservative non-profit the culture and media institute told fox, quote the "we saw your boobs" song was juvenile. a valid point, and i can see how some people would be offended by the song. and then, quote and then finishing it off with the l.a. gay men's choir would have invited some questions from a nine-year-old i'd prefer not to have to answer. god for bid you'd have to have a conversation with your
5:39 pm
nine-year-old about homosexuals singing. joining me now is alison bailes and michael musto. seth macfarlane, did he pull it off. >> he made tommy lee jones laugh. there is redemption it's nice to hear the word inappropriate used for something not involving the vatican. >> john: thank you. >> as for the nine-year-old and the gays, they would have turned gay with the "chicago" and "dream girls" tribute. >> john: what about you. >> i didn't like the tony he is awards. it didn't have a place. why are we caring about "chicago." other than that,-- >> john: that's the first controversy i want to get to. i was curious about the musical
5:40 pm
stuff as well. les mis. they made a movie. they're going to do a number. >> i don't think "les p mis oh" should have the platform that the other films didn't. >> they were just doing a strong. >> i thought it was too much "l "les meis." but she killed it though. >> john: i want to go back to what you said a second go about the performance of "chicago" it's great that they're honoring a film that they honored ten years ago. >> because of the producers. >> john: the producers are the same producers of the same film. >> let's honor a movie that won ten years ago. catherine zeta jones did win. >> let's go back to the sound of
5:41 pm
music. >> did he a sound sound sound sound sound sound of music joke. >> there were great music musical numbers. >> john: it was only from the last ten years. the awards from apolitical. after months, "argo"," "django"," "lynn on." >> the political stuff happens behind the scenes. "zero dark thirty" talked in all the awards but sound editing or sound mixing. we don't even know. >> i could tell you. >> it got half of an award because they dared to say water barring might have had something to do with finding bin laden. >> john: but they were winning all the critics awards for film of the year. >> it was in the lead to win everything. it was the frontrunner and then it nose dived. >> john: is this because of a moral society that rejects torture, even in cinema? >> no, the film was tainted and
5:42 pm
no one wanted to touch it. >> john: the realism of "argo," which is activate factual it won inside. >> "argo" is about hollywood. it's not about the hostage it's about hollywood. >> if all was forgiveen about bin-laden then "zero dark thirty" might have a chance. >> "django" didn't pretend to be a documentary. >> "argo" didn't pretend to be a documentary. >> john: and it had heavy state department influence as well. i was happy to see them win but quentin tarantino won for dow "django" after using the n word. >> all that criticism that came out, it ended up being a good
5:43 pm
thing. one of the things that i wanted to do was i wanted to start a conversation about slavery about america's role in it. >> john: i thought it was the most shockingly anti-slavery film ever released by a studio. ite roused such emotion in the viewer. do you think it's vindicated from the critics in this win. >> absolutely. it does not take a leap of intellectualism to say that the use of the n word is racist but it was about racism. >> but if he made a film without the n word. where is the realism. >> john: michelle obama presented the award for best picture. is it appropriate for heads of state to be involved in award shows like this.
5:44 pm
>> i don't think so. well listen, i still love the queen. i'm-- >> elton john. >> i just think it was really wrong. the reason it was wrong it took time away from jack nicholson. you get jack nicholson on stage presenting the award. i was looking forward to hearing that speech. then he let's michelle take it away. >> i think it was her audition to host next year which i hear she's going to do with melissa mccarthy. it's going to be very dignified. but approaching the movie arena is that oprah is off the air. she used to be the one who would give the benediction. now she would be touting her herpompoms for "lincoln." now we need clinton at the golden globe. michelle obama at the oscars. come back oprah. >> john: it was good to see rush limbaugh's head explode when she gave an award that gave jimmy carter the heroes.
5:45 pm
>> i think she would have prefer preferred zero dark "zero dark thirty." >> john: if his the president gave the order and his wife gave the award. some would have cried. thank you so much for being on the show. my panel of none experts joins me next to talk about the jokes and michelle obama's shoulders coming right up.
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5:48 pm
>> john: we just heard from critics about the oscars. now let's hear what the comics have to say. joining me are my panel of non-experts. politico median scott blakeman. musical comedian katie goodman. and comedian and author lee camp whose new "moment of clarity" web show can be seen at slash moment of clarity show. i love all of your work, you're all very funny and i would say that even if i hadn't done an off-broadway show with you. what is your view of the oscars.
5:49 pm
>> i'm thrilled we're talking about it. i didn't waste four hours of my life last night. my view, as you said earlier in the segment,age i watching the tony awards? is that the real emotion? it's not the way oscars should be going. what they did not do, you have to celebrate the movies. that didn't happen. the highlight to me was shirley here is this veteran 45 years later after killing it with gold finger, brought down the house. and here is a veteran who knows what she's doing the oscars need to go back to that, embrace the movies celebrate the movies and not do this desperate thing of being edgy for no apparent reason. >> john: let's talk about edgy for no apparenten. >> take away was when my ten-year-old son turned to me and said do all the academy award winning women have to show their boobs? that set the nine. >> john: wow. >> he got it.
5:50 pm
>> john: you know, what about seth macfarlane. the wrap on it is that people are terribly offended although no one i know. there was a beast on daily beast knows no one who was offended by seth macfarlane. >> don't we do this every year? don't they invite them back every time. everyone is so offended. they want people offended. they want people talking about it. >> john: it work ford ricky worked for ricky gervais. >> he made a movie about a stuffed animal that was banging a sales clerk this is not surprising that he was edgy? >> john: i think over all he was well received. they hired a shocking guy and they got somewhat controversial topics. >> then me mix it with old school musical thing. >> and again the "chicago," the avenger segment, i don't know where that went. seth macfarlane is an amazing
5:51 pm
talented writer. he has got a great voice tremendous singer, but i just don't think it should be about--it toed should be more--not old school but reverence towards the trade to respect movies and honor movies. >> john: now the human magazine, the onion apologized at some length after sending out a satirical tweet calling the nine-year-old actress the c-word. it is supposed to be irreverent. you know what the tweet was. is there any place for this? i don't think anyone reading the tweet thought that. they know it's a joke. she's a very nice child. >> she's so incredibly adorable. >> john: it's a joke about back biting and hollywood gossip. that's what i took it to be.
5:52 pm
>> yeah, some people may not have found it funny but i don't know if we should be freaking out that it's the end of the world. >> that's what is troubling we seen it with the daniel tosh rape jokes and in this case a joke that missed, and it was offensive but it was not funny. instead of saying hey, did you like fugalsang's joke or katie--why-- >> i had no such joke. >> if that would happen. >> i actually--i'm going get a lot of comments on facebook. i thought it was hilarious little joke. the thing is you don't tweet that there are a lot of things-- >> john: she's so sweet. it's the onion anyone offended by a joke with a c word and a nine-year-old, i learned about the c word from a nine-year-old. >> you have to be funny with it.
5:53 pm
and twitter might present pitfalls, what is not funny in 120 characters can be funny. >> i find that it takes 145 characters to make the c.-word funny. >> john: one of the controversy last night did not look controversial. michelle obama's dress. it was too racy for our friends in iran. here is our first lady in a glittering sleeveless gown. and here is how she looked in iranen newspaper. according to iranian law her shoulders were covered. is the iran thing ridiculous or are we? >> i think it's michelle's designer will sue and will be upset. they have every right to do that. people in iran have access to the internet and could find
5:54 pm
sources-- >> john: i agree. people in iran know what kind of government they have. >> the hast time i remember a woman being photo shopped in a photo, is photo shopping out hillary clinton. it's great to see the jews getting along in iran. >> they dubbed over boobs and put wrists. >> john: did they really? >> in iran and the oscars, "argo" and in were sexual representations in the film that people in iran and elsewhere should rightly point out. >> john: at least they didn't say anything slutty like ankles. after the break will we look at the catholic church fall apart? with the year's largest selection of mouth-watering lobster entrees. like our delicious lobster lover's dream, featuring two kinds of succulent lobster tails. or our savory, new grilled maine
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lobster and lobster tacos. it's back, but not for long. [ woman ] our guests go crazy for lobsterfest. my favorite entree is the lobster lover's dream. what's yours? come celebrate lobsterfest and sea food differently.
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>> john: with the back to my question. what shocks you any more. >> my dating world the world in
5:58 pm
general nothing shocks me. >> john: katie goodman what still shocks you. >> i was shocked that "argo" won with a white hero rescuing white people for a change. >> john: wasn't that refreshing? and lee. >> when people laugh at "larry the cable guy." when they're deciding to frack here in new york state and it shocks me that people believe it's going to be safe when they're not told what the chemical is that is being pumped into the ground, where it is, what it does. none of that testing goes on. but it will be safe. >> john: i agree completely with you, and new york will have to learn a couple of bad lessons before things get better. which brings me to tonight's f-bomb. cardinal keith o'brien is abruptly resigning amidst allegations of inappropriate acts. i thought oh, my god not again letting your son be an an altar boy is like letting your daughter date chris brown for the second
5:59 pm
time. but he's making sexual advances against fully adult priests. in this point is seems hitting on someone who is old enough to shave. once again a catholic who says hit the sin love the sinner is revealed to hit the sinner but digs the sin. now o'brien is out. this means he won't be able to vote for the new pope at the papal enclave cardinal mahoney who protected the priests and mored them. add this to reports of widespread corruption within the


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